Your auto body business depends on the timely delivery of recycled and surplus parts.

If your parts aren’t delivered on schedule, you may miss your deadline. Your customer will have to spend more dollars for their rental. You’ll get grief from the insurance company. And you could lose business.

When it comes to the supply chain process, however, most recycles rely on guesswork. That doesn’t cut it when you have to complete a job right now. You deserve more accountability.

At stoystown Auto, our goal is to reduce repair cycle time so yiou can stay on schedule and make more money. We use state-of-the-art technology to speed up your deliveries and keep you better informed about the ETA of your order.


Delivery Guaranteed
via “Live Delivery”




Live GPS Tracking
Of your parts


Live Delivery

Live Delivery Lets You Know Exactly When Your Parts Will Arrive.

Our Parts Live Delivery System is powered by EZ-Route. Using a high-tech algorithm, we help our drivers determine the fastest and most efficient route to get to your business. Our goal is to deliver your parts as early in the day as possible.

Each of our delivery trucks is also equipped with a GPS device. That helps us to track where our delivery trucks are at, so you’ll know exactly when your parts will arrive – on the minute.

Everyone has a gps in their pocket via a cell phone. This is a parts delivery system from A to Z, with total integration to all staff at Stoystown. It is a highly efficient tool that is simple and accessible by, Stoystown say today, “We do not know how they could ever manage without it”. It is vital, Critical to manage the 150 Live Deliveries a day, 5 days a week. The most advanced parts delivery system in the recycle industry.

You’ll Improve Your Touch Time and Generate More Business.

With Live Delivery, we will eliminate the hassle of waiting and improve your touch time. You will have a better handle on your schedule. Your shop will improve its key performance indicators (KPIs). And that will result in better repair volume for your business.